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Hazardous Chemicals Management System

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China Guangzhou Hongzheng Trade Co., Ltd. certification
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Hazardous Chemicals Management System

February 13, 2023
Latest company case about Hazardous Chemicals Management System

1. The architectural design of the warehouse must comply with the "Building Design Fire Protection Code" (GBJ16-87), "Warehouse Fire Safety Management Rules" (Ministry of Public Security Order No. 6 on March 23, 1990), "Explosion and Fire Environment Power Device Design Specifications" "(GB50058-92) "Code for Lightning Protection Design of Buildings" (GB50057-94) and "Code for Fire Protection Design of Petrochemical Enterprises" (GB50160-92) and other regulations and standards.

2. The warehouse is equipped with sufficient fire-fighting equipment suitable for the nature of hazardous chemicals, and is maintained and maintained by special personnel.

3. Hazardous chemicals must be classified and stored in stacks. Each stack covers an area of less than 100m2, the distance between stacks is greater than 1m, the distance between stacks and walls is greater than 0.5m, the distance between stacks and beams and columns is greater than 0.3m, and the width of the main channel is greater than 2m.

4. Clear fire rating signs shall be set up in warehouse stacking, and the entrances and exits and the roads leading to fire facilities shall be kept unimpeded.

5. The warehouse management department of hazardous chemicals shall equip the custodians with necessary protective equipment and appliances according to the danger of the items.

6. When dangerous chemicals are put into storage, the custodian should check, accept, and register according to the entry acceptance standards, and strictly check and inspect the name, specification, case label, quality, quantity, and packaging of the items. Items can only be put into storage after passing the inspection. Items without place of origin, brand, safety label and product qualification certificate shall not be put into storage.

7. The distribution of hazardous chemicals should strictly implement the distribution management system. The person in charge of the warehouse should check and approve frequently.

8. The warehouses of flammable and explosive dangerous chemicals should take safety measures to prevent fire. Motor vehicles approved to enter the warehouse must be equipped with flame arresters, and the tools and protective equipment used by operators should meet explosion-proof requirements.

9. Strengthen the management of explosion-proof electrical equipment, lightning protection, and static electricity removal facilities, and select explosion-proof electrical products that have passed the inspection of the explosion-proof inspection unit designated by the state.

10. All kinds of safety facilities in the warehouse of flammable and explosive goods must be inspected frequently, checked regularly, kept in good condition, and recorded well.

11. In the vicinity of warehouses and stacks where flammable and combustible materials are stored, private fire operations are not allowed. If there are special needs, the person in charge of the warehouse should report to the person in charge of the warehouse. After the operation is over, check that there is no fire before leaving the site.

12. The storage of articles strictly follows the assembly regulations of hazardous chemicals, and the dangerous articles that cannot be assembled must be strictly isolated.

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